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Jordan Maxwell - The Chiefcorner Stone - 118 min - May 12, 2008 (4 Ratings)

Jordan covers the difference between a Cornerstone and a Chief Cornerstone in relation to the Bible. He also goes into a study of the etymology of the word Nazi, and many other words.

Alex Jones Show [5/06/08] - 82 min - May 7, 2008 (5 Ratings) -
Alex welcomes UK radio host James Whale who has just been fired from his position as one of the UK's most popular talk show hosts for expressing a political opinion. Whale had become increasingly more hardcore in his discussion of the EU and the unfolding police state in Britain and he mostly agreed with Alex Jones after once deriding him. Alex and James talk about the nature of free speech and the velvet fist of hate speech laws. Alex talks about Tennessee's "Operation Sudden Impact," one of many similar programs taking place across the country where police, FBI, the military and Homeland Security are engaging in random mass martial law sweeps under the pretext of fighting non-existent terrorists while catching only speeders and harassing innocent people. THIS VIDEO CLIP IS PUBLIC DOMAIN AUTHORIZED BY ALEX JONES. YOU ARE FREE TO DISTRIBUTE THIS VIDEO FREE OF CHARGE AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE. MAKE COPIES - GIVE THEM AWAY!! SUPPORT THE MOVEMENT @ WWW.INFOWARS.COM & PRISONPLANET.TV Keywords: New World Order, Illuminati, NWO, Skull and Bones, Bush, 911 Conspiracy, The Civilians Military, Militia, American Resistance Movement, Revolt, Bilderberg, CFR, Alex Jones, Jordan Maxwell, Loose Change, End Game, Terrorstorm, Patriot Act, HR 1955, 911 was an inside job, truth, iraq war, black water, free masons, Ron Paul«

# 1351 Weather War And More - 108 min - Mar 1, 2007 - 10 Ratings

Newswatch Magazine
David J. Smith tells us some facts about Global Warming. Learn how global warming is a farce and is due to Tesla technology. In 1976 the Russians started Project Woodpecker and as a result the Atmosphere has been heating up. Then the US started to use project H.A.A.R.P.

Historic Interview with Aaron Russo, Fighting Cancer and the New World Order - 69 min - Jan 30, 2007 - 1057 Ratings -
Hollywood director Russo goes in-depth for first time on the astounding admissions of Nick Rockefeller, including his prediction of 9/11 and the war on terror hoax, the Rockefeller's creation of women's lib, and the elite's ultimate plan for world population reduction and a microchipped society Aaron Russo joins Alex Jones for a fascinating sit-down in depth video interview on a plethora of important subjects. Aaron begins by describing how the draconian and mafia tactics of Chicago police woke him up to the fact that America wasn't free after his nightclub was routinely raided and he was forced to pay protection money. Aaron and Alex then cover a broad range of topics including the private run for profit federal reserve, Aaron's experience in the late 80's with the IRS when they retroactively passed laws to punish silver and gold traders, the real meaning of the word "democracy," what really happened on 9/11 and Aaron's relationship with Nick Rockefeller, who personally tried to recruit him on behalf of the CFR. Aaron also relates how Rockefeller told him that the elite created women's liberation to destroy the family and how they want to ultimately microchip and control the entire population. Rockefeller also told before 9/11 Russo that an unexpected "event" would catalyze the U.S. to invade Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Occult World of Commerce - Jordan Maxwell and Whitney

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